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DDoS extortionist
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y’can’t patch a PEBKAC
centipede ransomware

for both print & screen

Special features that work as well in CSS as INDD

Each font includes instructions for calling special features in CSS. Design on the web doesn’t need to be any less detailed than print.

livable, liberal licensing

easy to understand, easy to choose

If you need a face for one purpose only, buy the XS license. If you want web, print, app and eBook-ready licensing, look at S to XL. Details are here.

Gia sets nicely in 62 languages

From Dallas to Maputo, you’re covered

Every character with an alternate or small cap form in the primary Latin-based scripts has a matching accented companion in lesser-spoken languages, so you can ensure your work translates accurately and fluidly wherever you publish.

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