Citrine is a new family of fonts created for wide, friendly screen reading. It’s based on ideas found in word processing, in-game reading, and some of the curvilinear friendliness of the early American 1980s. A family we liked so much, we typeset our own site in it.

Rocinante Titling

A family of ten fonts made for tall, powerful headlines and display with scaffold-like interior spaces and a blocky outer contour. Built on the same weight range as Havelock Layers and Havelock Titling, Rocinante Titling is an angular foil for Havelock’s curviness.

Havelock Titling

Havelock Titling is a five-weight font family, light to Black, with essential geometry for graphic headlines, titles, and logos. Combine it with Havelock for a full-force family of fonts for all your visual needs.


Havelock is a companion package to Havelock Titling, four versions of Havelock Titling Black reimagined for exuberant layering & color play. Essential geometry—circle, square, and triangle—combine for bold titles, headlines and logos.

Havelock Complete

Havelock is your graphic workhorse: all five fonts of Havelock Titling, Light to Black, plus the layered versions of Black—Stencil, Inline & Multiline—so you can create graphic headlines, titles, and logos in a heartbeat. Combine it with Rocinante Titling for even more possibility.


Gia is seven weights based on iconic curvilinear typography of the American 1970s—like the NASA Worm, Atari and Centipede logos—each with a system of small caps sized to fit perfectly with lowercase forms for unicase possibilities. Very graphic, very retro-future.

Royal Street

The Royal Street family of fonts is a family imagined to exist between Grotesque and Art Deco, all swooping curves and Art Deco curved alternates mixed with grotesque forms and packed into a slim, tightly packed space. Use it for display, titles, logos, or signage.

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